Men’s Sauna Vest Abdominal Shaped Soft Weight Loss Coat




product description
S bust 79-99cm waist circumference 76-96cm
M bust 82-102cm waist circumference 79-99cm
L bust 85-105cm waist circumference 82-102cm
XL bust 88-108cm waist circumference 85-105cm
XXL bust 91-111cm waist 87-106cm
3XL bust 94-114cm waist circumference 90-109cm
4XL bust 97-117cm waist circumference 93-111cm

Quick action: By heating your muscles and making your sweat 3 times more than usual, warm vests can help you prevent fatigue and injury after exercise, release skin toxins, speed up calorie burning and reduce your muscles. The waist is faster.
Unique design: Our model is easy to put on and take off because it has a zip! One of the main thermal combustion enhancement features of the vest is the internal thermal active layer that stimulates perspiration and significantly accelerates metabolism.
Shape your body: Level your abdomen and immediately remove the ugly back roll. Ultra-lightweight, the second layer of skin is soft and fit, perfect for everyday activities and workouts.
Lightweight and fast drying. The neoprene sauna vest is made of 15% polyester, 70% neoprene and 15% nylon. It is highly elastic, quick-drying, breathable, stretchable, durable and flexible.
Burn fat
The vest waist trimmer promotes weight loss in the abdominal region by increasing the blood flow of stubborn fat cells. It can be used every time you exercise. Whether you are running, walking, doing yoga or cycling, you can minimize fat loss and stubborn belly fat by adding 3 times more fat from your abdomen. For your waist, it’s like a mobile sauna and burner!


According to manual measurements, there is a difference of 2-3%.
Please check the meter carefully (1 inch = 2.54 cm) before purchasing.
Please note that due to light and screen, you should be able to accept slight chromatic aberrations.
Please refer to the true color of the product.


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